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Homework Pencil Homework for Mrs. Nelson's Class

Monday, November 13

5TH GRADERS: Take a run through your slide show tonight! I bet you you will be able to recount every part of your paragraph JUST by looking at your incredible slides. Tomorrow will the be LAST day to practice before presentations on Wednesday. "FOCUS" is the word of the DAY tomorrow :-) This will be your first project grade for 2nd quarter!


Proper Nouns - Every title on your slide is a Proper Noun.

Spelling: Make sure EVERY word in your slide show is spelled correctly. If you think there may be a mistake or two, use a dictionary or computer to get the correct spelling.


MoneyBrAiNS: Using nickels, dimes, AND/or quarters, list 6 different combinations of coins that will make 35- cents. - the above title must be recorded in your table of contents and answers recorded on your/a RIDDLE page in your notebook.


5TH GRADERS: Thank you for doing your best at trying your hand at cartography! It is certainly NOT easy!! Many of your maps are incredibly accurate, detailed, colorful, and show a lot of effort and pride! For those of you who allowed me to keep your maps as examples for next year, THANK YOU!



Tuesday, November 14

5TH GRADERS: If your Hunting and Gathering slideshow is NOT complete, you should work on it this week and over the weekend to make sure that it is READY to go on MONDAY.

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