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6G NEWS!!!!



6G NEWS!!!!




2016 Poetry Project






Typing Practice 

 It would be helpful if you encourage your child to

practice their typing skills, especially younger

students who haven't been typing long.

Online typing sites that we use are

Dance Mat Typing at

and - where all students have a log in to use.





 Did you know that the recommended screen time

for kids is no more than one to

two hours day?  Please keep in mind that

we are a high tech school and your

students may be getting a half an hour or

more of screen time during their school

day, so you may want to adjust their screen time at home!




As we are a technology class, we try to keep paper and 

pencil work to a minimum, using the computers instead.

 However, I do request that students bring a pen or

pencil with them to class in case they need it.  And I do

suggest that students have their own flash drive for

backing up work or transporting work between school

and home.  While this is not required, they are very

useful tools to have! 


Volunteers are welcome in the computer lab!  If you would like to

help out in your child's class or come in and visit to see what we

are up to, we welcome you!  You must have a CORI check, which

can be done through the Superintendent's Office, before you can

volunteer.  Once that is done, give me a call or email me and we

can talk about opportunities and schedules!



Keep practicing your typing skills!

Remember to use all your fingers and rest your hands on the

homerow keys: A,S,D,F and J,K,L,;





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October 28, 2015
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September 7, 2010

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This is the SECOND LEVEL for our BBC Typing Friends!
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9 Typing Web
Great site to track typing practice and skills online.
A great site for KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE to help with reading and letters!
Parts of Speech Quest
Fun game to work on your parts of speech!
Word Processing Hangman Activity
Click here to play hangman using word processing vocabulary.
Word Processing Vocabulary Quiz
Click the link to take the vocabulary quiz. Please enter your full name on the first screen.
Tux Paint
Kids love to draw using Kidpix in school. But it is expensive! This is a free alternative drawing program that you can download at home that works very well!

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