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Homework Pencil Homework for Mrs. Guyther's Class

Monday, February 12

5th - 5-3-15 Sheet

See Classwork below!   Remember to draw a tape diagram to show what you know!


6th - Sheet 16.1

See Classwork Below!  Remember you need to understand what a statistical question is and how to calcuilate mean and median!  

See classwork below!

Tuesday, February 13

5th - You have a review packet for the test which will be on Thursday.  See classwork below.  We did some of the problems in class.  Try to finish at least 2 problems from each topic!


6th - Mean Absolute Deviation sheet 16-2.  See classwork below.

Wednesday, February 14

5th Grade - Test tomorrow on adding and subtracting fractions!  Remember to review Decimals addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Rounding too!


6th Grade - Mean Absolute Deviation - Sheet Lesson 13.3

See Classwork Below!

Thursday, February 15

5th - no homework

6th - Study for statistics quiz (see sheet), Show your parent your test and get signature, and test corrections are optional!

see classwork below

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