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Mr. DeBettencourt's

Supply List for Incoming Students

2017-2018 School Year

Organization is key to success.

We will set up our Math binders during the first week of school.



Required supplies for ALL OF MY STUDENTS


 1 Large three-ring binder (called your "Math Binder")

4 tab dividers (for "Math Binder")

Blank 3-hole lined paper (for your "Math Binder")

1 Large subject notebook 3-hole lined paper

lots of pencils



Optional but very helpful


2-3 different colored highlighters

1 pencil case (with 3 holes to clip into binder) 


Honors Algebra Students Only

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator



Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator


(Click on the images above to visit and compare prices.)

Note: This calculator is the same calculator required for all honors math courses at the MVRHS


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Ken DeBettencourt





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6th Grade Enrichment Math

Click here for a checklist of topics covered in Grade 6


Click here for latest 6th Parent Newsletter

Click here for a copy of the 6th Grade Eureka Math Curriculum

Click here to Practice for the 2017 MCAS 2.0 TEST 


7th Grade Enrichment Math

Click here for a checklist of topics covered in Grade 7

Click here for the latest 7th Grade Parent Newsletter

Click here for a copy of the 7th Grade Eureka Math Curriculum

Click here to Practice for the 2017 MCAS 2.0 TEST 

8th Grade Honors Algebra 1

Click here for a checklist of topics covered in grade 8

Click here for a copy of the Honors Algebra 1 Curriculum

Please feel free to call, e-mail, or make an appointment with me. 

Click here for Contact Information


Mark Your Calendars:


Homework CLUB!!!

 Homework Club for Grades 3/4; Grades 5/6 and Grades 7/8

after school from 2:45 – 3:45 PM. 


  1. Grades 3 and 4 Homework Club will meet in the Health Room, #206, on Tuesdays and Thursdays;
  2. Grades 5 and 6 club will meet in room #250 most Mondays, every Tuesday and Thursday;
  3. Grades 7 and 8 club will meet in Room # 225 Monday - Thursday.


Click here for a copy of my class expectations and grade calculations


Newsletter Weekly Newsletters

File Cabinet File Cabinet for Mr. DeBettencourt's Class

January 10, 2017
Honors Algebra 1 Level B Practice and Review Workbook.pdf

Click here to download.

January 10, 2017
Mr. DeBettencourt\'s Long Division Paper
Keepin\' it REAL!!!!
Click here to download.

October 12, 2016
Honors Algebra 1 CHAPTER 3 ABCD Worksheets.pdf
This document has all of the A,B,C and Challenge Worksheets with answers for Chapter 3
Click here to download.

September 12, 2016
7th Grade Parent sheet - Read this for homework with your parents
Module 1 Summary for Parents
Click here to download.

September 9, 2016
Parents: Please take a moment to look at the Eureka Math Curriculum that we are using at the Edgartown School

Click here to download.

Math For The Whole Family!
Bedtime Math
Bedtime Math is striving to help families introduce math as a fun part of their daily routine, as common and beloved as the bedtime story. We make it easy to roll math into the day, whether at bedtime, bathtime, or snacktime.
Family Math Challenges
Family members—as children's first teachers—are crucial to student success. And the more adults become engaged in their children's education, the greater the chances that children will succeed.
Fun Math Games Online!!!
These sites got started way back in 1997 to make math enjoyable for people who thought it couldn't be fun.


Grade 6 - Module 1 - The Story Of Ratios

Grade 7 Enrichment Math Links from Mr. DeBettencourt

Great Math Enrichment Websites

Fun Math Games Online!!!!

Honors Algebra 1 - Ch 1-12: Fun With Functions
Function Notation
Hey....No more "Y" - Now it's called F(x)
Introduction to Functions
What is a Function???

Honors Algebra 1 - Chapter 2: Solving Equations (and Ch 5)

Honors Algebra 1 - Chapter 6: Systems Of Equations
Solving Systems By Graphing
Graphing two lines to see where they intersect

Honors Algebra 1 - Chapter 5: Inequality Videos

Honors Algebra 1 - Chapters 3+4: Working with Linear Equations (y=mx+b) VIDEOS


ONLINE Practice for the 2017 MCAS TEST
Please take this test to practice for the real test in MAY!

Recommended sites
8th Grade - Honors Algebra
This link will take you to a series of Algebra videos that follow our Algebra curriculum this year. Lots of homework help and extra examples!!!!

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