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First Grade News 1Leandro

Week of March 20th. 



Lesson 11

Ending With Long E Sound (Spelled with "y")

Spelling Words

her         first

bird        girl

burn       were

shirt       fur

hurt       sir


Some highlights for the week:

1. Phonemic Awareness:

              c. Isolating middle and end sounds

2.   Phonics:     

             a. Vowels - R controlled :   er, ir, ur            

              b. middle blends

3.   Genre: Realistic Fiction

4.   Fluency: Accuracy 

5.   High-Frequency Word Focus: done, know, push, visit, wait 

6.   Amazing Words:cycle, devlop, insect, rearrange, flurries, emerge, fragile, vessel

These are the word that are incorporated to this weeks story provided by the Reading Street Reading Program.


This weeks Story: A Place to Play

7.  Test-Based Comprehension - Sequence of events and summarizing a story. 



In Math, we have nearly completed the first half of the 1st math module! This week we will be working with manipulative to solve subtraction sentences and subtraction word problems. 

During Math time, students will have a choice as to which manipulative they use to solve math problems.

A. dry erase board with 10 frame

B. Mental Math Strategy ---> visualizing ten frames and using these frames to add and subtract to 10. 

This week students are continuing to work in small groups for 20 minutes. 

Station 1 - Independent work - This week will be finding easy ways to solve multi-step word problems.  Student will use what they know about making 10 and to solve word problems with 3 partners.

For example:

Bill went to the story. He bought 1 apple, 9 bananas, and 6 pears. How many pieces of fruit did he buy in all?

Station 1 - Small Group Game - Finding 10 partners. This game helps develop students fluecy find the factors that make 10. 

Station 2 - Small Group Instruction (This week, addition/subtraction word problems)

Student wil have to find the partners that make 10. This simplifies this problem so that they are only looking at 2 factors/partners rather than 3.  Additionally, students will be adding 10+6 which is such easier for them compared to 9+1+6. 

(9+1)  + 6

Station 3 - Ipad/game with Mrs. Ashe. (Ipad = Dreambox, Game= making 10)

*Making 10 is very similar to go fish. Students have to look at his/her cards and figure out which cards they need to make 10. The game is in place to help students become more fluent in his/her ability to remember the number numbers partners that make 10. 


Ryan Leandro

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