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POSTED:November 30th


Dear Fourth Grade Families,

Homework: Every night I encourage 20 minutes of reading.  If I do assign math homework (sheet or online math) in combination with spelling homework, I want your child to spend no more than 20 minutes on the work. I strongly believe that the pursuit of natural interests (sports, music, art, independent time) as well as positive family time are essential parts of a balanced life.  Our days are busy at school and we want your child to return refreshed to start the school day on the right foot.  

ELA (Reading / Vocabulary / Writing): Fourth Graders are working on their first piece of narrative writing. Using the Story Elements (plot, setting, characters, conflict, resolution) discussed and studied through carefully selected Read Alouds from our reading program Making Meaning, students are crafting unique fictional pieces of work. We encourage them to use descriptive language and to create exciting and interesting characters.

Math: In math, we will continue with Engage NY Math (Eureka Math). We have moved into our 4th module consisting of Muliplication, Area and Perimeter and Division.

  Any math homework is an extension of what we are working on in school.


For Support at home:


Students continue to study plant structures and their unique adaptations for survival.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


Ryan Leandro 





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