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September 2017


Dear Parents,


The following is a brief description of the Guidance Department Services offered at The Edgartown School.


Edgartown School has two guidance counselors that work with student from kindergarten through 8th grade.  We interact with students in the classroom with our health teacher, Sue Costello and privately depending on presenting issues.


Some of our annual topics cover decision making, conflict resolution, relationships, anxietydiscrimination, internet safety and a host of health topics including disease and illness, smoking, hygiene, puberty, drug and alcohol eduction and nutrition.  The lessons are tailored to the development of the students we are working with.


Individual and group counseling is available to all students. Groups can be formed to help work on the feelings following separation, divorce and remarriage, being new to the school, social deficits and grieving.  Referrals are made by parent, teacher and/ or student requests.


We consult with classroom teachers when concerns are raised about a students learning or social/emotional success.  Classroom and student observations help us to get a fuller picture of students in order to help them achieve their potential.


Students are met with on an as need basis, which may mean a one-time meeting or an ongoing weekly/bi-weekly schedule.  Sometimes students invite a friend(s) to come to the counseling office with them either for support or to help resolve an issue.   We will be in contact with you if concerns about your child have been raised.


Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the either of us throughout the year to discuss concerns related to student learning styles, behaviors in and out of school, stages of development and personal issues that are getting in the way of student achievement. 


As members of your child’s educational team we can help make recommendations which may include: behavior modification programs; in school counseling; referrals to outside counseling; parent meetings, groups and classes; educational testing; emotional testing; and/or psychological testing.


Hopefully this gives you a good picture of the guidance services offered at The Edgartown School and explains how we function as part of your child’s educational team.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to seeing you and your children this coming year.




Deborah DeBettencourt & Eric Butler                                                 

Guidance Counselors                                      

Edgartown Elementary School








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