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Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy children!


Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to the Health Education Web Page!


Welcome To Health Class!!!

(Also known as Life Skills)




Our Health Education Program is taught in grades K-8!!

We follow the Massachusetts Health Education Curriculum

Frameworks and align our lessons with the National Health Education

Standards, which emphasizes skill based learning!!!




We are well on our way beginning our lessons in health classes. 

K-2 Classes are practicing our communication skills! How do we know

how others are feeling? What are the ways that we communicate with

one another? In grades 1-2, we are also talking about how to be

considerate. What does that look like? What kinds of words do we use

to show consideration (please, thank you, may I help you, are

you okay, etc.?). We will be reviewing and practicing what the

word "empathy" really means.




**Third Graders will have health class beginning in January!!! Please

note that third and fourth grade health is taught in semesters.




Our fourth grade classes are working on building teamwork skills

together through various activities. We have started our new "Life

Skills" curriculum with the students. The first few topics will include

smoking, how to deal with stress and communication skills.




Our fifth graders are looking at different characteristics that they seek

in friendships and also looking at themselves and identifying what they

can offer in a friendship. We will also be talking about decision making

and conflict resolution, as it pertains to friendship and other parts of

their lives.





The next eight weeks, our sixth graders will be taught a skills based

research approved curriculum around how to make good choices in

their daily life and also avoid the use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

This curriculum will include decision making, communication skills,

problem solving, self esteem, influences, refusal skills and more.

Parent letters were sent out by email and/or mail as requested by each

family. Both the Dukes County Sheriff's Office and our Edgartown

School Resource Officer will join our class discussions.





Seventh graders are working on a goal setting unit. We have divided

their goals into three categories which include academic, social

and health/wellness goals. How will they achieve these goals? What

are the steps they need to take? They will be sharing their current

projects with one another in the near future. We will also spend some

time talking about influences and how cigarette companies are

targeting our youth with new products.





Eighth graders are thinking about their year as the leaders in our

school. What does leadership look like? What kind of role models will

they be? Who do they look up to and admire? What are the skills we

need to be leaders? The students are also working in a career book

that will help them look at their interests and what direction they may

want to pursue for 2018 summer jobs and class selection for

high school, which is only a few months away!! Our relationships unit

will be next and parent letters will be forthcoming in the near future.







If you have any community contacts that you feel

would be a good addition to our health program,

please do

not hesitate to contact me at 508-627-3316, ext. 206


email me at



Health Fair 2009

Feelings Health Unit/Pictograph

Healthy Foods Mural

Healthy Foods Mural

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