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Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy children!


Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to the Health Education Web Page!




Welcome Back to School!!


Our Health Education Program is taught in grades K-8!!

We follow the Massachusetts Health Education Curriculum

Frameworks and align with the National Health Education Standards.



K-2 Health Classes

In these grade levels we are transitioning into our year end Safety

Curriculum. This is a great opportunity to reinforce safety rules that the

students learn at home and school. Parent letters were emailed/mailed

home before vacation.



3-4 Health Classes

The third grade health classes have been working on communication

skills through a variety of activities. Skill based learning are tools that

the students can use in any social situation. We will be heading into

problem solving next.



5th Grade Life Skills

In our fifth grade classes we are learning about tobacco and the

harmful effects it can have on our bodies. We will practice refusal skills

as part of this unit. Growth and Development night will kick off our last

unit of the year and will take place Tuesday, May 23rd at 7:00 PM in

our school library!!!



6th Grade Life Skills

We have begun our pilot program for the new drug and alcohol

curriculum "Too Good For Drugs". This curriculum is a research based

prevention program for students in K-12. This year we will pilot it in 6th

grade only. It falls under the umbrella of the L.E.A.D. Program (Law

Enforcement Against Drugs) which is being collaboratively taught by

both the Dukes County Sheriffs Office and the Edgartown Police

Department. Parent letters were emailed and mailed

out prior to the onset of these classes. 



7th Grade Life Skills

The focus this month will be on nutrition and how we nourish our

bodies by eating the right foods. We will investigate how the media

influences our body image and also learn a little about eating disorders

and how and when to get help for a friend. Connect To End Violence

will be joining our classes later in March to talk about healthy versus

unhealthy relationships.



8th Grade Life Skills

The 8th graders will be beginning a year end project on a health issue

of their choice. This is a "in class" assignment which will culminate in a

presentation to their classmates.







If you have any community contacts that you feel

would be a good addition to our health program,

please do

not hesitate to contact me at 508-627-3316, ext. 206


email me at



Health Fair 2009

Feelings Health Unit/Pictograph

Healthy Foods Mural

Healthy Foods Mural

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