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Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy children!


Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to the Health Education Web Page!




Welcome Back to School!!


Our Health Education Program is taught in grades K-8!!

We follow the Massachusetts Health Education Curriculum

Frameworks and align with the National Health Education Standards.



K-2 Health Classes

In these grade levels we are exploring and identifying the various types

of food groups and why eating healthy is so important for our bodies. 



3-4 Health Classes

The third grade health classes have started! Our first topic will be

a review on bullying. The students will identify what the definition of the

terms mean and how they can be helpful when a classmate is being




5th Grade Life Skills

In our fifth grade classes we have been talking about diversity and

acceptance. We viewed an old and  famous documentary called

the "Eye of the Storm" and learned the importance of treating everyone

equal. We are working on discrimination projects during the month of

March which will culminate in a presentation from each group!



6th Grade Life Skills

The students have been studying a unit on communication and social

skills. We have done some role playing about how utilizing good

communication skills can be helpful when dealing with teachers,

parents, friends and more. Our next topic will be about drugs, alcohol,

and decision making. More information will be forthcoming to parents

in the next few weeks prior to the onset of these lessons.



7th Grade Life Skills

The focus this month will be on nutrition and how we nourish our

bodies by eating the right foods. We will investigate how the media

influences our body image and also learn a little about eating disorders

and how and when to get help for a friend. Connect To End Violence

will be joining our classes later in March to talk about healthy versus

unhealthy relationships.



8th Grade Life Skills

The 8th graders will be beginning their unit on relationships. Connect

To End Violence will be joining our classes for the next few weeks to

talk about healthy versus unhealthy relationships. We will take a small

break from this unit to do a few classes on high school registration and

then return to our relationship unit to finish up!







If you have any community contacts that you feel

would be a good addition to our health program,

please do

not hesitate to contact me at 508-627-3316, ext. 206


email me at



Health Fair 2009

Feelings Health Unit/Pictograph

Healthy Foods Mural

Healthy Foods Mural

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