What next?

We might end up getting asked this so I’ll answer it now. We don’t have anything in particular planned for next year, but we will be doing something fun. So if you need community service volunteer now! We’ll probably send out a flyer at the begging of the year, so at least check out our blog!

Support our troops!

Hey, we found a website called Operation Gratitude that sends gifts to soldiers over seas to make them feel important. So we’ll put a box for stuff you are willing to donate to the troops, (ex: cookies, books, etc.) Help out a soldier in need now!


Victims of torture. Women’s rights. Equality. That’s what Amnesty International fights for. Hundreds of people are being punished, tormented and killed every day for reasons as trivial as speaking their mind and giving voice to what everybody’s secretly thinking. If you feel strongly about human rights come to the next meeting or go on Amnestyusa.com

Save the sharks!!!!!!!!

Hi, I went to a shark expert’s show yesterday and she said some thing’s that people do to sharks that won’t be repeated.  But sharks aren’t the JAWS we think they are. Sure they might attack a human once every other year by mistake, but they also control fish population density. Take sharks, you have over population. I’m just skimming the top of this stuff, but you can do much more!!! Say no to shark fin soup!!! look up more ways to help out on line. Bye.

Save The Sharks

Yesterday, the seventh grade went to an assembly to promote awareness that sharks ARE NOT MINDLESS KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The woman who talked to us told us all how a shark only ever bites you for two reasons, A. because it thinks you’re a seal or B. because it does not know what you are and- since it has millions of taste buds all over it’s mouth- it wants to know what you are.

Save the pitbulls!

how many times have you heard somebody call a Pit bull ‘vicious’ or ‘deadly’? How many times have people just went along with the whole death-sentence-of-a-dog thing? Way too many. If you’re interested in helping poor defenseless pit bulls come to the next community service meeting, Thursday after school!

Keep Children in Honduran in School

The program HEDAC (Honduras Education Assistance Corps) supports education in Morazan, Honduras. Most Honduran 6th graders drop out of school to work. These children are usually being raised by a single mother along with 5 or more siblings. They sleep on a dirt floor in a 1 or 2 room adobe house. They are undernourished and it is very difficult for the mother to provide one days meal.

There are 70 children in the program but only enough money for 40. With a donation of $400 a year a child could stay in school the entire year, or $33 per month.

Post any questions you have!



Please add your comments

Greetings. If you’re reading this, then you’ve discovered our Community Service Group’s blog, and you know something about us. And if that’s the case, we’d love to get your feedback. Please take a moment to post a comment or reply to one of the other comments. We believe that communication is a big part of our mission, and technology can help us achieve that. Thanks in advance! Mr. Faber


Right now, I’m working on a conservation project for forests and areas of land that are in danger of being plowed over, probably killing animals and little baby bunnies too, in order to make room for a new McDonalds! So if you feel strongly about keeping our forest and little baby squirrels alive, come support our community service group! And again, for those of you who are desperate, we give you an hour of community service for attending meetings!


Meetings are on Thursdays 3-4:00 and you don’t have to come to every meeting!!!!!!!!!!!! Whenever you can make a meeting, you’re welcome to join us.  For those of you who are desperate for hours, we’re your resource!

What We’re Up To

Right now, we are in the middle of the whole planning stage. But we’re starting to come up with ideas for projects, and  the base of things is starting to form! Right now, a member of our group is working on doing a can and or bottle drive for Psoriasis.org, so when we get that up and running, please, think of the children! And we are also working on getting everything set up, and there are slides up on the flat screen near the cafeteria ! We meet every Thursday after school in Mr. Faber’s room but you don’t have to come to EVERY meeting! Come and join us whenever you can.  Oh, also so you know, Edgartown students currently need 22 hours of community service time to graduate.   I’d suggest trying to get those done. PLUS! We have free snacks, so you know, bribery always works. Later!

Things We do.

Recently, we made some slides for the TV by the cafeteria in the lobby of the school to encourage students to join the school’s community service group.   Have you seen them?  You may also have noticed that we now have a very public forum in the rotunda by the link for posting community service opportunities and information.  If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look tomorrow.  We are also making plans to help out the Animal Shelter of Martha’s Vineyard and organize a fundraiser to raise money and awareness to help people with psoriasis.  If you want to help out, with the group or with any community service projects, join us in Mr. Faber’s room after school on Thursdays.

Bottle/Can Drive

I, Lizzie am hoping to “join forces” with the student council to start a project. The student council is going to do a Bottle/Can Drive, but they weren’t sure what foundation to support.  Mrs. Cunningham told me “For the Bottle/Can Drive we would leave a huge box in the lobby for anyone to leave any bottle with a 5 cents donation on it.”  Stay tuned for more information about if and when this drive is underway!

We’re On!

Have you heard about the new Community Service Group?  Well you should.  We are a group of interested kids and adults who believe in giving back to the community.  That means our school community, our local community, even our global community.  We’re still just forming, and we’re working hard to develop our ideas, based on our interests and passions.  But we always welcome new people and new ideas!  There is no official membership or club – we’d love it if anybody who is interested would join us – every thursday after school in the Science Room.  As one of the adults who works in the group, I want to say what an honor is has been to work with these dedicated and compassionate young people.  It’s been a highlight of my school year so far.  So if you, too, are someone who believes in service to the community, come on board our journey!  Mr. Faber.

Community service group

Hi! Im one of the techies of the Community Service Group and we’re looking for new guys to help out. We meet on thursdays after school to 4:00 pm.  If you’re busy Thursdays, no big deal!  Just look at the posters near the link! You’ll find all sorts of things to help you get your hours, plus info on other community service stuff.