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Homework for Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Grade 7/8
Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Majkowski

7th Grade: Vocabulary Testy Tomorrow

8th Grade: Socractic Seminar Reflection #2 due Monday on Goolge Classroom 

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Cunningham

7th: Chapter 2, Section 3 ?1-2. Test next Monday (subject- Early Man). This will be an open notebook and folder test, so make sure your materials are in order. You can also use your assignment notebook for extra-credit questions. Notebooks will be collected after the test for grading.

8th: Chapter 6, Section 2 ?1-5 (due on Monday). Field trip on Friday!

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Foster

7th - Finish Lesson 19 Classwork worksheet - Due Fri 10/28
Finish Scale Drawing Orchard Project (scale drawing picture and one page typed proposal) Due Fri 10/28

8th - Study for Mid-Module 2 Assessment on Monday 10/31
Practice Worksheets for review - Lesson 9 and 10 problem sets, relflection worksheet. IXL practice P.1-P.10 (all to help you with studying for the Assessment, do not stress if something is difficult, just try it! Then skip it if neccessary) *I will only be collecting the exit ticket from 8A that was not done in class

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Faber

7th grade:  Classification Worksheet

8th grade:  Finish the Cambrian Explosion article and workshhet, if necessary.

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Grade 5
Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Guyther

5th -  End of Module Review Sheet. We will be having our End of Module Test Next Week!

6th - 6-1-20

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Homework Pencil Homework for 6-7 Enrichment Math & Algebra: DeBettencourt

8th Grade

Class: Chapter 3 TEST

Homework: No Homework.




7th Grade

Class: Projects due. 

Homework: Exit Ticket 20+22

Surprize quiz on scale drawings next class.

6th Grade

Class: Lesson 13

Homework: Lesson 13 Problem Set

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Homework for Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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