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Homework for Monday, May 22, 2017
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Grade 7/8
Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Cunningham

7th: Chapter 10, Section 2 ?1-3

8th: no HW

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Foster

7th - Lesson 7 Exercises 1-3

8th - Module 6 Signature, Lesson 1 Exit Ticket

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Grade 5
Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Nelson

5th Graders: Come back tomorrow with a Spanish name for your galleon. it MUST BE WRITTEN DOWN. You will work together tomorrow to decide upon a proper name for your ship!

5G: If you were unable to find a Spanish name for your fine self, check out Spanish boy & girl baby names (BellyBallot). Tomorrow you can record your name on the "leather" dossier you made today!


6TH GRADERS: If you did not complete the Compare & Contrast organizer for East and Western African Trade networks in class today, it should be completed tonight You will need BOTH the West African packet that was handed back to you today as well as the East African worksheet you received today to complete the organizer.

COMPLETE: History Mystery: Background Information. Record main idea for each paragraph in the margins. Highlight important details for each paragraph. Get ready to review HW and write a 2-paragraph essay about Great Zimbabwe. PROMPT: What DO YOU think happened to Great Zimbabwe? Questions to PONDER: Why was Great Zimbabwe built? What supported the city? What did the people of the civilization believe? What did they eat? How did Great Zimbabwe end?



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Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Guyther

5th - Fraction Word Problems - Even only

6th Sheet 6-5-12 - Volume

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Homework for Monday, May 22, 2017
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