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Homework for Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Grade 7/8
Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Majkowski

7th:  Jobs are due Friday

8th: Jobs are due Friday

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Cunningham

7th: no HW

8th: House Hunters- Colony Edition project is due on Thursday.

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Foster

7th: Lesson 1 Problem Set - odds (1, 3, 5, 7)

8th: Lesson 1 Problem Set - all (1-6)

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Faber

7th grade:  Read pages 14-18 and take notes on it.

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Grade 5
Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Nelson

5th GRADERS: Nice job to 5S, almost ALL of their photos are in! 5G take time tonight to hunt down a photo of yourself - it can be a sports photo, family photo. holiday photo, school photo, etc..

We will spend tomorrow completing our Project Houston: Kids for Kids posters. As you finish your posters, think in terms of where in the school you would want your poster to be seen!

Random Riddle for EXTRA CREDIT:


Discovering a fly in my tea, I asked the waiter if he could get me another cup, one without a fly. He came back with my new tea, I tasted it and guess what? The waiter had given me back the same cup of tea! But how did I know?

6TH GRADERS: COVER YOUR TEXTBOOK. You were given a textbook today - they are precious - think of the students in the Hull Daisetta Elementary School who are without books and supplies. Your textbook NEEDS to be protected so get a book-sock, paperbag, or use one of my maps to cover it by FRIDAY.


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Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Guyther

5th - 5BOYHW#2 sheet

6th - 6BOY#2 sheet

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Homework Pencil Homework for 6-7 Enrichment Math & Algebra: DeBettencourt

Honors Mathematics

Algebra 1

Homework is to do

study for the CHAPTER 1 TEST!!

Wed: Chapter 1 TEST

Thurs: SMI TESTING in class

Frid: Finish SMI TESTING and start Chapter 2 - SOLVING EQUATIONS 


Grade 8

Pages S.11-S.13 all!!!!

Don't forget to show all work and check your answers below.

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Click here for the ANSWERS to check your work

Grade 7

Please do pages S.32 for homework.

Click here for the notes from class.

Grade 6


Homework is PAGE S.22

Lesson 5 Problem SET #1-#4 all

in your green workbook.

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Homework for Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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