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Homework for Wednesday, December 6, 2017
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Grade 7/8
Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Cunningham

7th: Empire packet and Task #3 due tomorrow.

8th: no HW

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Foster

7th - IXL C.6 and C.7 to a score of 80

8th - Lesson 11 Problem Set All (1-5)

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Faber

7th grade:  Watch the Youtube video - stop at 4:30.  Write a paragraph on "How Electromagnets are useful"

8th grade:  Fossil Fuels worksheet

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Grade 5
Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Nelson

5TH GRADERS: You received your open-notebook Hunter-Gatherer test back today! I could tell who spent time looking through their notebooks before the test! How was this possible? Hmmmm. Remember, when you are given 5 days notice to prepare for a test, you should be looking through your notebook so that you can study the information that will be on the test.

Some of you need a parent signature. This is a great time to talk with a parent about plans to meet with me for 30 minutes and set a date to re-take the test -  BEFORE next Wed. Return to school with your test signed and share your plan with me.


6TH GRADERS: WHERE DO PEOPLE LIVE? I know you're all thinking that mankind prefers to live in desert regions, atop lofty mountains and in dense jungles! Hmmmm. Please read over section 1 in Chapter 3 and answer questions 3, 5, & 6 on page 59. These are essay answers: TTQA and 5 sentences minimum/question. In addition, please include North America and Asia in your Populous and Nonpopulous Continents graphic organizer.

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Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Guyther

5th - Division - Sheet BDP#3

See Classwork Below


6th - Sheet 6-2 DFR#1 - Division with Fractions!

See Classwork Below

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Homework Pencil Homework for 6-7 Enrichment Math & Algebra: DeBettencourt

Honors Algebra 1

Introduction to Mixture Problems

After Chapter 6 (part 1) TEST


Page 7.2C : Word Problems Using System Of Equations

#1- #9 ALL on notebook paper showing all work :)

This assignment as well as work for the next few day can be found at the links below.

Algebra 3 - Mixture Problem Pack

Algebra 3 - Mixture Problem Answers

Grade 8

Please do Mod 4 Lesson 9 Problem Set

quizzypoo tomorrow

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Grade 7

Please do AT LEAST page 1 of the word problems from class

quizzypoo tomorrow

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Grade 6

Please complete Joke Page B-53

handed out in class today. 

You can also find a copy in the notes from class below.

Decimal Quizzypoo tomorrow

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Do More IXL!!!



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Homework for Wednesday, December 6, 2017
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