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Homework for Wednesday, February 14, 2018
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Homework Pencil Homework for 6-7 Enrichment Math & Algebra: DeBettencourt

Honors Algebra

Please spend 30 minutes on

sections O, P, S or T from

8th grade Geometry in IXL

Grade 8

Please spend 30 minutes on 

sections O, P, S or T from

8th grade Geometry in IXL


Grade 7

Mod 4 Lesson 2 all

Grade 6

Great work today on those juicy percents!!!!!

Homework is the % page I gave you at the end of class.

We will work on that really juicy page tomorrrow in class!



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Grade 3
Homework Pencil Homework for 3-Knight

Read - 20 minutes

Math - Math Facts Page

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Grade 5
Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Nelson

HaPpY VaLeNtiNeS DaY


5TH GRADERS: Mayan Religion: Answer questions 1-10. You may choose which 5 questions to TTQA, the rest you may answer without having to TTQA. The Mayan religious practices involved so many ceremonies, so many Gods and Godesses, so many priests (ahkin). rulers (halach uinic) and of course sacrifices.


1.) Mayan Matching Activity

2.) If you could become Halch Uinic, what would your elaborate clothing and detailed headdress look like? Use colored pencils, crayons or markers to color your "uniform".

How many of you have figured out the name or names of the authors of your St. Valentine riddle?


6TH GRADERS: We missed many of you today for S.S. Hope those of you who left, you had a terrifric time at MVTV! Tomorrow we will spend time sharing your ideas about what countries make up the 5 regions of Africa. How close do you think you came?

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Homework Pencil Homework for 5/6-Guyther

5th Grade - Test tomorrow on adding and subtracting fractions!  Remember to review Decimals addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Rounding too!


6th Grade - Mean Absolute Deviation - Sheet Lesson 13.3

See Classwork Below!

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Grade 7/8
Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Cunningham




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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Foster

7th - 20 minutes of IXL R.2 and reccomended skills

8th - 20 minutes of IXL Skills in the Y section

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Homework Pencil Homework for 7/8-Faber

7th grade:  Human Microbiome article and worksheet

8th grade:  Review assignment due tomorrow, "Journey to the Center of the Earth" due tomorrow.  Test tomorrow.

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Homework for Wednesday, February 14, 2018
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