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Wellness Committee

Welcome to the Wellness Committee's Page!


Wellness Meeting 9/21/17
Michelle Pikor, Nicole Barlett, Elizabeth Ward, Brooke Ward, Sarah Vail, Sue Costello, Melinda R. Defeo, John Stevens
1. Michelle and Channon will roll out details for k-8 runs 
2. Sue and Nicole will debrief on Health Fair
3. Sue will give an over view on Health program.
4. open for other goals and suggestions for year
Committee approved Welcome back Parent Letter to be sent (see attachment)
Committee approved Parent letter on nutrition snack/lunch ideas (see attachment) 
Michelle confirmed Monthly theme runs. Information on these runs have been emailed to all teachers and office. First run is our annual Pumpkin run.
Melinda reported positive feedback from garden celebration which took place during open house/health fair. Hawaiian music was a big hit. 
Sue suggested next year adding a family activity in the gym. One thought is to offer line dancing. The committee agrees it would be beneficial to offer positive healthy experiences for families to enjoy together. 
Brooke expressed interest in teen fitness. The group informed her of the cross country team and the hurricanes running club. 
Sarah plans to send home via email parent suggestions around nutrition to support the wellness committee efforts.  

Wellness Meeting 5/17/17
Attendees - Liz Ward, Gina deBettencourt, Nicole Barlett, Sara Vail, Michelle Pikor
and Sue Costello
Nicole shared NSAID'S (Motrin, Advil) balance fats in the body to decrease pain.
Balancing fats through good nutrition has an anti-inflamatory affect on the body
when these fats are in balance.Teaching the kids about proper nutrition is
Nicole also reported that the "time for lunch" group recently met with Matt D'Andrea
to address concerns around school lunch times and making sure that kids have
adequate amount of seated lunch time. Please note that the national average 
recommendation is 25 minutes of seated lunch time. Our group feels that Edgartown
is leading the island schools with our current 20 minute lunch period. We recognize
that time management plays an integral part in making this successful. The wellness
committee has decided to propose that all students have recess first and then go 
to lunch which aligns with the national recommendations. How can we creatively
look at the schedule to make this happen. Nicole and Michelle have reached out
to Anne Fligor to be part of the scheduling committee. Every student should be 
outside daily!!
Michelle shared that community runs were discussed and planned for this school year but due 
to scheduling conflicts fell through. Michelle and Channon will revisit this with administration
to plug these dates into morning advisories ahead of time for the 2017-2018 school year.
Proposed times would be once a month from 8:30-8:45 on Fridays.
Sue let the group know about the new Hokuela website which will be an educational sharing
tool between Edgartown students and students in a few schools in Hawaii. we
take care of our island earth (environmental health).
Jessica Estrella approached the group about having laminated hand washing signs for
the bathrooms. Task completed!! 
Gina reported that the kitchen inspection went very well! Congratulations to Gina and her staff.
The group talked about how grades 5-8 already has an additional 45 minutes in the morning
for movement (open gym with Michelle). What about creating something for the younger 
students? One suggestion was doing an early morning recess. We can all brainstorm
Respectfully Submitted,
Sue and Nicole

Wellness Meeting 3-22-17 
Michelle Pikor
Sue Costello
Gina Debettencourt
Melinda Defeo
Nicole Barlett
Sara Vail 
Channon, Michelle and Sue went to 3 day conference on Wellness.
Update on monthly runs.
Thank you Lizzy for continuing to change our wellness boards. 
Melinda to update on Arbor Day April 14th. 
Sue: Information gathered from 3 day wellness conference revealed many health educators are using The My Plate Curriculum, in younger grades. 
Michelle: Per research, test scores are up in schools that serve healthy lunches.
Sue: Natick Superintendent spoke at conference to show his support for increase in exercise for students. He
stressed that statistics show that students perform better in school with a healthy/increased balance of physical activity. They organized a morning  bike club at the high school where 75 kids are participating. The school district also offers an extra fitness elective for middle school students which runs for 60 days straight (in addition to physical education time). 
Michelle: Shape America - has research on benefits of recess and time on learning.
Sue: We are planning to put together a slide show for staff to share what we learned.
Sue: Shared at one of the conference break out sessions that  using language that is more gender neutral is important in today's world. 
Michelle: Is looking into alternative dates for monthly runs as there was a conflict with original proposed dates. 
Melinda: Will work with Stuart Fuller as he has seedlings to give to each student to take home for April 14th Arbor Day. More details to come from Melinda soon.
Gina: May 18th a kitchen audit will take place.
Sara: Continues with healthy tips on our TV in main lobby. Most recently during one of her classes made a commercial on how to make deodorant with 2 ingredients found in your kitchen. Class was receptive to this activity. 
Nicole: Update on recent SBIRT screening. Reviewed universal screening what it is and other details of reporting to state. 

Wellness Meeting
Agenda and Minutes 1-25-2017
*School Lunch: Time For Lunch
*Monthly Run Walks: Michelle and Channon
*SBIRT New State Mandate: 
Channon Capra
Michelle Pikor
Melinda R. Defeo
Sue Costello
Elizabeth Ward
Brooke Ward
Nicole Barlett
John Stevens 
*Agata Rodregues & Lillie Cabral (students) requested to speak at Wellness meeting regarding possibility of having outdoor gymnastic equipment and/or having it incorporated into the school somehow. Mr. Stevens suggested the girls bring this to the wellness committee for further discussion. 
Our committee suggested a few resources outside of school such as Rise Dance Studio, Spindrift Dance Studio, acro class's and the gymnastic center in West Tisbury that have trained individuals and correct equipment to teach such activities. Girls will speak to their parents and explore these options. There is a safety component and concern doing this in the school setting without the proper equipment and trained professionals. 
* Nicole asked group for input about lunch time. One of the Island Grown Schools committee members has reached out to look at school lunch times. Our schools currently allows for 20 minutes but realized other schools may have less time. Our school also tries to have recess first when scheduling allows. Nicole brought this to the committee to share and get our thoughts as a smaller sub committee will be formed by IGS.  
*Michelle and Channon discussed how to implement monthly runs. 
Proposed dates are as follows:
February 17th Healthy Heart Run
March 17th St Patrick’s Day Run
April 14th (Name to be decided)
May 12th May Madness Run
Lizzy will advertise runs on bulletin boards. 
Michelle & Channon will email teachers dates. Run is voluntary and will take place during a Friday AM meeting time slot starting at 8:35 - 8:50 
*SBIRT is a new Massachusetts State mandate which will be implemented in conjunction with other 7th grade health screenings that the school nurse performs. Letters have gone home to parents to inform them of this new screening. A brief discussion will take place with the 7th graders Friday February 10th during life skills class. Any questions please ask Nicole.

Notes from our Wellness Committee Meeting on November 30, 2016

* Shared that Brooke Ward will be our new student representative
* Michelle discussed the initiative of a monthly walk/run during advisory
for 15 minutes. The group talked about this being a voluntary monthly
activity for homerooms. Michelle would contact the Edgartown Police in 
advance and emails would go out to staff with timely reminders. Here
are some thoughts about event names/timing. This idea will align with
the Wellness Committee Goals (community building around wellness)
and some goals from our Physical Education Department.
- Jingle Bell Run - December
- Valentine Run/Walk - February
- Saint Patricks Day Run/Walk - March
- Bunny Hop (or Egg Run) - April
- March to the Sea - May
- Field Day - Run/Walk prior to days events
* Family Wellness Dance - Suggestion of a mid winter event. The school could provide
soup and parents could bring salads and bread. We discussed having a square dance
theme or a line dancing theme with parents, children and teachers. If we could not
get a "volunteer caller" could the PTA fund the caller position for the night. The other
thought was to give families two dancing.  Still to be decided.
* Gina shared an idea that was from "My Plate" website suggesting inside movement 
games and activities that the students can do when they have indoor recess. 
(for example - indoor hopscotch)
* Sarah suggested we do a health/nutrition tip on the lobby monitor every month.
We have done this in the past and all agreed it would be great to reinvent this idea.
* Posters that Tess Temple worked on where so great. Lets get them out again and
make sure we utiiize them again this year for parent information in the lobby.
Respectfully submitted,
Sue Costello

Agenda 9-28-16

Welcome back Wellness Committee 2016-17 school year
This Years Active Members:
Nicole Barlett: School Nurse 
Sue Costello: Health and Enrichment Teacher
Michelle Pikor: Physical Education 
Channon Capra: Physical Education
Gina Debettencourt: Head Cook 
Sarah Vail: Family & Consumer Science 
Elizabeth Ward: Parent Representative 
1. Bike to School Day October 5th, Rain date October 6th
2. Next years Health Fair Looking for new Ideas and input from wellness group.  
3. Disseminating parent information about health and wellness 
Sue Costello discussed plans and date for Bike to School day. In the past this has been a successful event. The group engaged in further discussion on benefits of exercise and how this affects mood and over all health/well being. Flyers have been posted throughout the school and an email blast was sent to parents.  After school offering for walking club did not get good response however, will plan to offer again during this school year.
Regarding Future Ideas for Health Fair which is a part of our schools open house: 
Disseminating Parent and student information about health and wellness: First the committee is seeking a student representative who will commit to attending the committee meetings held every other month. Parent Rep Elizabeth Ward has offered to take over preparing bulletin boards in the nurses office, across from nurses office, and upstairs outside the family and consumer science room. The boards will display a health theme for example the nurse's office will have information regarding a variety of health tips in which students can work toward  for optimal learning. We are thrilled Elizabeth has joined this committee. Please see attached picture
Sarah Vail: expressed interest in sending out occasional email blasts to parents with links on topics committee is interested in sharing. The goal here to to help parents understand the importance of overall health and how this can link to the child's ability to learn.  
Sue Costello: Continue positive messaging on lobby screen as well as in cafeteria in the napkin holders which are on each table. Nicole will email Gail Gardner to see if she would like to incorporate having students retrieve healthly messages and pictures from computer class. 
Channon Capra: explained benefits of physical activity and time on learning. Would like to explore ways to incorporate more school runs like the jingle bell run throughout the school year. One thought was to have a monthly run to build a sense of community that shows we value health and fitness.  Sue also mentioned the possibility of linking these wellness events as part of potential fundraising opportunity for our Island community. 
Melinda shared importance of messaging around food. For example, less about calories and more about how the food makes the person feel. Did the food give you energy or did the food make you feel sluggish. Melinda enjoys showing the nourish video series with Sue during health. 

Agenda for 3-23-16 meeting:

  1. Nicole will share School Wellness resource Kit: Came across this kit put together by Can do it: Coalition for activity and nutrition to defeat obesity. There are a ton of resources we can use to promote wellness in all areas including screen time, healthy snacks, breakfast ideas, even share with PTA ideas for healthy fund raisers (Sue can bring this info back)
  2. Healthy Rewards: (non-food) rewards is a great way to provide positive reinforcement for behavior and academic performance. Does the wellness committee want to put out  quick email together to include tips for parents and teachers?
  3. Health and Academics-linking nutrition and activity to student achievement. Does this group want to disseminate evidenced based  information on how these are related.
  4. Open discussion and member input for future topics 
Minutes from 3-23-16 Wellness Meeting: 
  • Nancy Nash
  • Sue Costello
  • Michelle Pikor
  • Nicole Barlett 
Group agreed we can utilize wellness kit when sending out wellness info on a variety of health topics to teachers and parents. If you were not able to make the meeting and would like to preview this resource please come see me. 
Healthy rewards: Group would like to collaborate with student council and work on coming up with a procedure for non-food rewards which will also follow our wellness policy. For example, recent food drive: classroom that donates most can goods for food pantry gets to visit food pantry, have lunch at Anchors with elderly, or gets extra recess time. Wellness committee encourages student council to work on ideas and will help group get word out to school community.
Linking health and academics: Research links better test results with increased Physical activity most likely result of more blood flow to the brain improving perfusion. Overall studies conclude physical activity, proper nutrition, and healthy body weight improve student academic achievement. Wellness group supports continued efforts to reach out to teachers and Parents on variety of health issues. Upcoming topics to include info on ticks, sun safety (which is also covered in health class). Will do this through emails, screen in main lobby, health fair, student council, and opportunities to share at school events.

Agenda for Wednesday, January 27th Meeting:

3-4pm in the nurse's office
  1. Kids Fed up tape is in. how do we see this being shown? Through health class, after school with healthy snack in cafeteria etc... Not even sure we want to show this. Melinda has seen the DVD and can report on her thoughts
  2. Ideas and feedback needed from the group on offering a health club as an afterschool program which runs 6 weeks. Thoughts on who might be interested in doing this? what would the club do, focus on etc... Can we ask PTA to help with this to see if a parent has interest etc....
  3. Nicole to update on health idea after collaboration with Alicia Knight 3rd grade teacher who also wrote grant for Classroom Yoga and co-chairs the Educational Committee.
  4. Open discussion: Other thoughts or ideas for our committee

Agenda for Monday, November 24th Meeting:

  1. Review wellness policy (please come with any suggestions)
  2. Fed up movie for kids (I ordered kit from Fed Up website still awaiting for it to come in) group can discuss how we would like to show this 1. during school or 2. movie night
  3. Requested that IWYC join us for first 15 minutes awaiting to hear back.
  4. Open discussion 

Minutes for Monday, November 24th Meeting:

Sue Costello
Gina Debettencourt
Melinda R. Defeo
Nicole Barlett
1. The group brought revised suggestions that were then agreed upon as it related to our wellness policy. Please Note: Our policy was not changed but some of the procedures that where outdated for example, tickets to minis which we no longer have was omitted. 
2. Fed Up movie kit was ordered for free from Nicole and Melinda however we have not received anything as of yet. Will email the group once we get the kit in the mail. There was no further discussion on this during this meeting due to the fact that most of it was spent on revising and reviewing our Wellness procedures 
3. As I mentioned above please see attachments from IWYC which shows what they are offering to our Island families. 
4. Open Discussion: Please pass on that all wellness minutes are posted on our wellness link which you can access from the nurses web page or the main web page compliments of our Tech person Darren Belisle. 
Next meeting Wednesday, January 27th 2016 

Agenda for 9-23-15 Meeting:

  1. Sue Mercier will share a few words about IWYC and how we can collaborate our efforts. (THIS IS TENATIVE AWAITING TO HEAR BACK FROM SUE)
  2. Wellness policy (plan to set date to review with committee and add or update procedures if needed)
  3. Fed Up movie night (do we want to plan to host a parent/kids night ? Does anyone Melinda:) want to f/u on seeing if there is a kids version yet?
  4. (where are we at and where are we going) I will share something Pati Nelson shared with me. I know you will all appreciate it:)
  5. Suggestions from committee members

Minutes from 9-23-15 meeting:


  • Nicole Barlett
  • Anne Fligor
  • John Stevens
  • Gina Debettencourt
  • Nancy Nash
  • Sue Costello
  • Rebecca Briggs
  • Sue Sanford via phone conference
  • Michelle Pikor

All members where asked to read wellness policy and bring highlighted comments or areas of question etc... to next meeting set for Monday November 23rd 3-4pm.

Next Wellness meeting meets Nov 23rd which is a Monday.

Nicole will send out reminder email to staff re upcoming Halloween and wellness policy. Also Sue Sanford will speak to PTA re choosing non food items for PTA Halloween party.

Melinda will find out if or when Fed Up for kids is coming out. Committee would like to offer a parent/kids night to show this film in January or March.

Anne suggested a long term goal for committee could be implementing gardens (even a small one) at students homes.

Sue Mercier from IWYC could not attend this meeting but was invited and has accepted to attend the Nov 23rd meeting.

Nicole has asked Darren to share minutes so all can view. Not sure where this is going but will let you all know after Darren and I meet.

Nancy Nash suggested promoting go to foods to display on screen in Lobby for October's National health and wellness week ( Nicole will check in with Darren about doing this). Last year the committee had blurbs about sugar and effects of for example see pic below. I think we all loved Nancy's idea to come at this from a positive instead of a negative:

The group as a whole feels that health and wellness especially around nutrition and exercise has permeated throughout our school. A few examples of this are as follows: Michelle offers before school exercise to upper grade students, Gina has gone above and beyond state nutrition law for competitive foods and beverages sold in the cafeteria, Nancy has made sure her class room is nut free. She implemented this as a risk reduction strategy which follows the DOE, NASN, Ma DPH, & FAAN. Sue Costello leads our back to school health fair and implements nutrition lessons during health class's. This is a brief description of what is happening not to mention the tons of work Melinda has done building our school garden from a baby to what it has become is truly noteworthy to say the least. I could go on and on. Thank you lastly to our admin who have supported us through this process.


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