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6th Grade Supply List (Try to avoid plastic where possible)

Three 1″ 3-ring binder for Science, Social Studies, ELA (cardboard or kraft paper – NO PLASTIC if possible)

One three-subject spiral notebook for math

Three folders- Blue, yellow and a homework folder(your choice-preferable not green or red) 

Three holed lined paper for binder.

Packet of binder dividers (enough for 8 dividers)

Two or more boxes of pencils and pencil top erasers- You will be responsible for having your own pencil every day for the entire school year.  

One ultra-fine-point black Sharpie

One box fine-point Sharpies multi-colored

At least three fine-point dry-erase markers

Highlighters – One each: yellow, pink, green 

Box of standard colored pencils

Hand held pencil sharpener

Pencil case or pencil bag 

Water bottle labeled with your student name.  

Summer Work – this is due on September 13, 2021

Your work is review so therefore it is on IXL under 5th grade. Remember to use the 3 character alphanumeric code in the parentheses to locate the assignments.

5th Grade IXL


  • C.1 Multiply by 1-digit numbers (7H4)
  • C.13 Multiply 2-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers(LLJ)


  • D.1 Division facts to 12 (ZWQ)
  • D.11 Divide multi-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers (XHZ)


  • G.4 Place values in decimal numbers (X8U)
  • G.11 Put decimal numbers in order (YUX)

Add and subtract decimals

  • H.4 Add and subtract decimals: word problems (35U)

Multiply decimals

  • I.2 Multiply a decimal by a power of ten (DN2)
  • Multiply two decimals: where does the decimal point go? (6FA)
  • I.8 Multiply two decimals: products up to hundredths (FLL)

Divide decimals

  • J.3 Division with decimal quotients(J9Z)
  • J.6 Divide by decimals (8FT)

Fractions and mixed numbers

  • K.5 Write fractions in lowest terms (A76)
  • K.6 Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers (B7X)
  • K.7 Least common denominator(R7P)

Add and subtract fractions

  • L.6 Add fractions with unlike denominators using models (2BS)
  • L.8 Add fractions with unlike denominators(D9N)
  • L.10 Subtract fractions with unlike denominators(VSP)
  • L.18 Add mixed numbers with unlike denominators (FHD)
  • L.19 Subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators(FAA)

Multiply fractions

  • M.11 Multiply fractions by whole numbers I (QFQ)
  • M.15 Fractions of a number (AHX)
  • M.20 Multiply two fractions (8KV)
  • M.32 Multiply a mixed number by a whole number(6Q4)
  • M.33 Multiply a mixed number by a fraction (G7W)



Dear Parent/Guardians of 5th and 6th Grade Students

We want to take this opportunity to clarify our snack and celebration plans. In 6th grade, fruit is provided for snack. It is a “working” snack rather than a “break”. The expectation is that there will be no food from home in the classroom. However, water bottles are recommended.

As you may know, The Wellness Committee has recommended that we celebrate birthdays with activities rather than food. Here in 6th grade, we are excited to celebrate your child’s birthday during our advisory time with songs and activities. We’ll be sure they feel special on their big day! We kindly ask that you do not send in food for your child’s birthday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and support and look forward to working with you to ensure a great year for your child!