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Home School Ideas

Grade 5: Use paper and sticks to build a kite. After you assemble the kite get some string and give it a try. You may need to modify your kite try adding a tail. Also a great project is making paper airplanes.

Grade 6: In keeping with the egg bash car, design and build an egg drop container. You can use many thing from around your house. Unlike the egg bash car you can design a parachute to slow down the impact. Wrap the egg in Saran wrap before you put the egg the container especially if your are inside it saves a lot of clean up. To make it more interesting time the drop.

Grade 7: We are studying Truss Structures, Bridges. Try using tooth picks to make trusses. An easy way to cut the sticks it with the wire cutter jaw on needle nose pliers. To test the structures you build you can use a paper cup and fill it with pennies and place it on top. Another way to build tooth pick structures is to use mini marshmallows as connectors and come up with 3-D structures. You can also download the West Point Bridge Builder from here and design and test virtual bridges. There are other bridge building programs on line as well.

Grade 8: Marble Mania, try to find things around that a marble can roll through. Then make simple machines that create a chain reaction. There’s lots of Marble Mania interactive games on line as well.

Grade 8 STEAM: We are studying Ergonomics. Look around your house an evaluate thing like furniture and hardware around you and evaluate them for comfort, design and usefulness. Pick some of the objects and draw solutions the could improve the designs to be more ergonomic.

Semester Projects:

Grade 5 –  The 5th graders are just finishing up the Buck Saw project for this semester. They will have a new project this year. We will study simple machines and work by building syringe operated hydraulic robots.

Grade 6 –  The Design and Construction of The Egg Bash Car. Remember you need to bring supplies from home for your car. Find things that keep your egg from breaking like foam, cotton balls, springs, plastic bottles, rubber bands, to build your car. Remember we have a 12 foot ramp with a stump at the end, Pow!

These are last years class testing their cars. Lots of eggs survived!

Grade 7 – The Design and Construction of a Truss Bridge and the use of Isometric Drawing and Orthographic Projection. We will test you bridge with static load, the lightest bridge that holds the most weight will have the best ratio and be the winner!

Grade 8 – The 8th grade will study simple machines and the engineering design process through Marble Mania. They will have a more in depth experience than the 5 grade had. Their marble machines will include a ” Patented Device ” that they design. The boards must have two pulleys and all three classes of levers, two inclined planes and a wheel and axle.