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Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy children!

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Hello Parents and Students!

Welcome to the Health Education Web Page! Here is a link to my landing page.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and fantastic fall! Please note that the only items you will need for health class this school year are pencils or pens. Everything else will be provided!

Health Education Overview

Our Health Education Program is taught in grades K-8! We follow the Massachusetts Health Education Curriculum Frameworks and align all of our lessons with the National Health Education Standards, which emphasizes skill based learning!! This fall all of the Island Schools will be implementing the Michigan Model Health Curriculum to students in grades K – 12! It is important to note that topics and information will always be presented based on what is appropriate for their age level. Here are the specific units and skills that the students will be learning.

Health Units:

*Social and Emotional Health

*Nutrition and Physical Activity

* Safety

*Alcohol, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes and Drugs

*Personal Health and Wellness

Specific Skills Covered:

Problem Solving                    Decision Making

Self Awareness                      Influences

Communication                     Responsibility

Goal Setting                           Injury Prevention

Advocacy                               Empathy

Respect/Manners                   Bullying Prevention

Accessing Resources              Recognizing Health Benefits

Self Management                   Refusal Skills

I can be reached at 508-627-3316, ext. 206 or send an email  to Email is really the best way to contact me. It’s going to be a great year!!