Welcome to Third Grade

I can’t wait to meet each of you. I want to learn about things that you are interested in and things you want to learn more about. We will be a class team. We will begin the year with lots of fun activities that will help us get to know each other.

Here is a little information about me. I have 11 brothers and sisters. I grew up in Cambridge MA, which is a city right next to Boston. I live in Edgartown with my husband Mike and my two children Colin and Rita. We have 2 pet guinea pigs named Lilly and Smores that we love a lot.

Ms. Linda Wanamaker will be my assistant this year. This will be our third year working together. She loves to read stories and she is passionate about horses.

I want to say welcome to the second floor of our school. I know you are going to love it.

The supplies you will need this year will be 1 Binder, 1 pencil box (you’re welcome to use ones from previous years), and crayons. I have everything else you need. (You do not need to have these supplies by the first day of school, any time during September works.

The best way to reach me is through my email at phurley@mvyps.org. I check my email often and I also check it at 2:00 p.m. each day to see if there’s any changes to the kid’s dismissal plans.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending you more information about this school year. For now, continue to enjoy the rest of your summer. Mrs. Hurley and Ms. Wanamaker