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Mr.C’s Physical Education Class    

Welcome to my webpage!  I will be teaching Physical Education for Grades K-3 this year, both in person and remotely.  I look forward to seeing everyone and keeping us active and moving!

Looking for an excited outdoor adventure?  Visit one of the islands many amazing walking trails.  There is something for students of all ages and abilities!

Looking for a great online resource to keep active at home?  OpenPhysed is an excellent resource for all your Physical Education needs.   (email me with any questions)

Additional Resources:

*Watch and follow link for Walk 15 Family Mile with Nick | Walk at Home*Watch and follow link for Star Wars SITH WORKOUT *60 seconds of jumping jacks *80 air punches *80 air kicks*Watch and follow link for Kids workout 1 Beginners*Watch and follow link for Have a Blast With This Family Fun Cardio Workout!*Watch and follow link for Kids HIIT Workout 2
*Click the link and do it with a family member or by yourself. 2 by 2 fitness*Watch and follow link for Kids Workout with Tiny Bods*Play this board game. Can play alone or with any family member Fitness Fun Board Game*Watch and follow link for Kids Daily Exercise*Watch and follow link for Burn Fat at Home (KIDS)
*Do the Red Workout Red Workout*Do the Blue Workout Blue Workout*Do the Yellow Workout Yellow Workout*Do the Green Workout  *Repeat Any of the Above Choices
*Repeat Any of the Above Choices*Repeat Any of the Above Choices    *Repeat Any of the Above Choices    *Repeat Any of the Above Choices

Keep track of your daily activities,  There are many free online resources to help track your daily activity or simply write it down every day in a fitness journal!   Get creative and design your own activity routine. Here is a great resource for “At Home PE Activities “   Contact Me: (easiest way to reach me) Office Hours: Tuesday 8:30-9:00 am Wednesday 8:30-9:00 am   Go Eagles!  

“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional, and mental states” – Carol Welch

Hi, my name is Mr. C.  I will be teaching physical education for grades K-3. I’m looking forward to a year filled with confidence building activities, movement and fun! The “physical” part of Physical Education is only half of it! Gaining self-esteem and being part of a “team” is an important aspect of P.E.

Gym Expectations:

  • Appropriate footwear is required, no open toed shoes, no boots. 
  • Respect for yourself and others
  • Safety – Taking care of self and others
  • Postive attitude
  • Try your best
  • Drink water – Hydration is helps you do everything better!
  • Get ready to MOVE!