Mrs. Nichole Shank

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Some highlights from the art room…

Grade 8

8th Grade Enrichment: Introduction to Landscape Painting

The first two rotations have just completed their painting classes. Their finished work is currenlyy on display in front of the school library. It will soon be heading off to The Martha’s Vineyard Museum, where it will become part of the Museum’s student art exhibit. Note: The work on display is by the 2 classes that have taken the painting class. Not all students are represented at this time.

Grade 6

Students in grade 6 have been working on creating one of a kind ADIRE cloth pillows. Adire is a traditional textile design made from wax and indigo dye. It originates from Nigeria, Africa.

Grade 4

Artists in Grade 4 have been learning about Modern Art with legendary artists Alexander Calder and Frank Stella.

Grade 2

Artists and travelers in second grade are about to embark on a 4 month journey called Art Around the World. Within this study we will travel to the 7 continents and learn about, their people, their art, their culture and traditions. At the end of our study we will invite family and friends to come in and share our travel experiences. Be on the look out for more in your child’s weekend folder.

Until then, Cheers to a New Year full of fun adventures!