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"History cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and our common humanity,  so that we can better face the future"

- Robert Penn Warren

School Supplies

Supplies for Social Studies:

* 2-3 subject notebook with a vinyl cover

* folder (unless your notebook has folders)

* pencils/pens

* book sock or paper bag to make a book cover








Homework Pencil Homework for Ms. Cunningham's Class

Monday, October 16

7th: no HW

8th: Chapter 5, Section 3 ?1-5. Notebooks will collected tomorrow for grading. Remember to check that your Table of Contents is complete and you've included titles and page numbers on all entries.

Tuesday, October 17

7th: Big Dig Reflection is due on Monday. The template will be shared with students via Google Docs. Answers to questions should be rich in specific details and examples. The template needs to be printed out and ready to turn in on Monday.

8th: don't forget to bring in field trip money!

Wednesday, October 18

7th: Big Dig Reflection is due on Monday. See Google Classroom for more details. Cover book by Monday.

8th: no HW

Thursday, October 19

7th: Big Dig Reflection is due on Monday. See Google Classroom for more details. Cover book by Monday.

8th: no HW


Friday, October 20

7th: the following is due on Monday- Big Dig Reflection (printed out before class), Chapter 1, Section 1 (whatever was not completed in class must be finished at home), and book covered

8th: complete French & Indian War worksheet if not finished in class

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File Cabinet File Cabinet for Ms. Cunningham's Class

September 26, 2017
Artifact blueprint.pdf

Click here to download.

September 22, 2017
7th grade information.pdf

Click here to download.

September 22, 2017
8th grade information.pdf

Click here to download.

November 30, 2016
Empire Tasks.pdf

Click here to download.

November 16, 2016
Empire Questions.pdf

Click here to download.

September 8, 2016
8th Grade Scope and Sequence.pdf

Click here to download.

September 8, 2016
7th Grade Scope and Sequence.pdf

Click here to download.

November 28, 2012
Document Analysis Worksheet

Click here to download.

September 14, 2012
Guess the Artifact.pdf

Click here to download.

We FINALLY made it!


13 Colonies
BrainPOP- Movie and Quiz
Watch the movie and take the quiz. Username and password needed.

8th Grade Textbook Resources
8th Grade US History Textbook Reviews
On the left-hand side of the screen, click the blue arrow (next to the title "The World Before 1500"). Look at the list and choose the chapter you would like to review.
Listen to the book via your computer, or download to a portable device.


Access to blog:
Password protected! Make sure you are posting to the correct class.

Archaeology Sites
Dig it up!
Click of the "Dig it Up" link on the right and put your archeology skills to the test!

Geography & History Games
Cool Math Games
Fun way to learn about economics!
Ayiti: Cost of Life
What is it like to live in poverty, struggling every day to stay healthy, keep out of debt, and get educated? Find out now in this challenging role playing game created by the High School students in Global Kids with the game developers at Gamelab, in which you take responsibility for a family of five in rural Haiti.
Embark on a journey that takes you all over the world. From the most desolate roads in Australia to the busy, bustling streets of New York City.
Geography Games
A variety of geography games (like Geo Spy), brought to you by National Geographic
Geography Games 3
Even more geography games!!!
Oregon Trail
As a covered wagon party of pioneers, you head out west from Independence, Missouri to the Willamette River and valley in Oregon. You first must stock up on provisions, and then, while traveling, make decisions such as when to rest, how much food to eat, etc. The Oregon Trail incorporates simulation elements and planning ahead, along with discovery and adventure, as well as mini-game-like activities (hunting and floating down the Dalles River).
Nat Geo
Quiz to prep you for the Geo Bee!
The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip
It's summer, and that means it's time to take the ultimate road trip across the country! Travel through the United States, answering trivia questions and uncovering fun surprises along the way!

Cartoon Creator 1
An easy way to create one, three or six-panel cartoons.
Use code provided to create an account.
Add a Sound
Find sounds/sound effects to jazz up a presentation
Use Glogster to make digital, interactive posters.
Make a digital flip book. All your info must be in PDF format before loading it into the book.
How to Make a Flip Book
YouTube video to help you understand how to make a FlipSnack book.
Need music for a presentation? Must download song first. This is free music.
Free tool to create collages.
Zooming presentation editor.
Create a "cloud" of words. You can save it as a PDF image from the "print" button. Words become larger when they are entered multiple times.
Sign in to create and update your website.

Puzzle Creator
WordMint Puzzle Creator
See me for username and password.

Recommended sites
7th Grade Quia Site
Study for tests and more!
8th Grade Quia Site
Review for tests and more.
CNN Student News
Keep up to date on the news and other current events.
BBC History for Kids
Learn about a variety of ancient cultures.
Short animated movies about people, places, events, and idea. Try the quiz out at the end of the movie and test your knowledge!
A quick and easy way to create a bibliography.
History Channel
The go-to place for everything related to history.
Political Cartoons
Check out political cartoons from the U.S. and around the world.

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