Student InformationOctober 14th – Free Webinar: Navigating the Challenges of Back-to-School

Navigating the Challenges of Back-to-School

Join Think:Kids team members Dr. Lu Wang, Amefika Paige, Dr. J. Stuart Ablon, and Ed Morales MPP, MSW, LICSW on October 14, 4 - 5pm ET for a FREE webinar for parents and caregivers navigating the challenges of back-to-school.

Although the first day of school is behind us, many families see challenging behavior from their children once the excitement and novelty back-to-school have worn off.

Whether your child is 3 or 18, this year may be especially hard given the impact COVID-19 has had on schools, students, and educators. Whether your child is reluctant to go to school, fighting you on homework, has trouble getting out the door on time, or is acting out in class, the team from Think:Kids understands and will offer parents practical strategies to get through these challenging moments.

Submit your questions at registration for the team to address live.

About Think:Kids
Think:Kids is a program in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. At Think:Kids, we transform the lives of kids and families by spreading a more accurate and empathic view of chronically misunderstood kids. We do this by teaching adults our revolutionary, evidence-based Collaborative Problem Solving® approach. Collaborative Problem Solving recognizes what research has pointed to for years – that kids with challenging behavior are already trying hard. They don’t lack the will to behave well. They lack the skills to behave well.